Chicken Soup

Chicken soup are one of those timeless dishes, no matter what the season, it’s always hearty, warm and fills your tummy!

It’s filled with lots of veggies and vitamins and nutrients, we call it the flu soup, cause if you have flu, this will clear it right up!

We used our pressure cooker, you can use your slow cooker as well, it will just cook longer.

What you will need:

5 Chicken Pieces
250ml Chopped Celery
1 Red Onion
1 Green Capsicum
3 Potatoes chopped
3 Carrots chopped
1 Baby Marrow Chopped
5 Mushrooms Chopped
Mixed herbs
Salt and pepper
Lemon juice
Handful of Lentils
Handful of Barley
Few tablespoons of olive oil
Few tablespoons of butter
1 Heaped Teaspoon of Crushed Garlic

In the pressure cooker pot on the stove add the olive oil, butter and garlic. Let the garlic cook a few minutes then add the red onion and green capsicum.

Fry the red onion and green capsicum until the onion is browned. Add in the chicken pieces, let the chicken pieces cook until brown and almost burning, don’t worry you won’t burn the chicken, it creates the stock and chicken flavour of your chicken soup.

After the chicken have been browned, add in the celery, lentils, barley, carrots, mushrooms, salt, pepper, mixed herbs, vinegar and lemon juice.

Place pressure cooker pot in the pressure, close the lid and set pressure cooker to 35 minutes.

After the 35 minutes is over, release the pressure, open the lid and take out one chicken piece at a time and remove the bones from all the chickem pieces, and shred the chicken.

Place the shredded chicken back into the pressure cooker, add in the baby marrow and potatoes.

Add in a little bit of water too. Close the lid and set the pressure cooker to 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, release the pressure and if the soup is still too thick, just add in more water to your preference.

Serve with some garlic bread and enjoy!

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