Rotorua & Taupo Roadtrip Part 1

For my birthday this year, which is on the 11th of July, we decided that we want to go on a roadtrip, not too far from us.

We decided to go to Rotorua 1st and then look around in Taupo and drive back to Pukekohe around Sunday afternoon.

We drove in the morning, around 7am and were in Rotoroa about 11am. The first thing you smell when entering Rotoroa is the smell of rotten eggs. After a while you get used to it.

It is currently school holidays here, so everything is packed and all accommodation is booked out.

We saw steam coming out of the ground everywhere as soon as we entered Rotoroa, our first visit on our sightseeing roadtrip was to Kuirau Park – Mud Pools.

After the mud pools, we went to Te Puia, where the biggest geyser in the Souther Hemisphere here is. It was magnificent to see and experience!

After the geyser, we walked the trail, and saw some real life mud pools and a green lake, lots of plants and ferns as well.

After our trail walk, we went to our accommodation and there was two horses and a pony, our toddler enjoyed the horses and the pony so much!

We had some dinner, and all of us were so tired from our busy day! Part 2 continues of our roadtrip on my next blog post.

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