We are so alike, it’s scary

You probably wondering what I mean by this, well let me tell you a story, a great story in fact, it made my year!

I got to know two very special people during lockdown, Jamie and Connor, back in March. Turns out they are foodies too, Jamie loves baking, she has the same temperament as me, she likes everything I like, she is so much like me, we are both so similiar, it’s actually scary!

The more we socialised, the more and more we realise how much the same we are, we are so similar, but also unique in our own way.

Jamie’s dad is just as kind hearted as she is. Since day one, they just brought joy in the most unexpected ways, plus point for being our neighbours too!

Turns out they are from South-Africa too! All the things I make and bake I take to them or invite them over, being foodies too, you speak the same language, you think of new ideas, share alot of ideas and just make things extra special!

In my lifetime, I have never met anyone so similiar like me, who are genuine, kind, big hearted and foodies!

Me and my husband are very grateful to call them friends, actually they have become family, just like our other friends who are family!

“It’s in the most unexpected ways, that you meet people, and you click instantly.”

Grateful is an understatement.

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