Dulce de Leche & Chocolate Mousse Tart

I love coming up with new creations! Who doesn’t love dulce de leche and chocolate mousse together, I know I do!

The chocolate mousse is rich and dark while the dulce de leche is light and not so rich. Together they work perfectly.

Start by taking a rectangular glass bowl, prepare it and add some crushed biscuits as the base, you can add some melted butter to your preference. Set aside.

In a microwave safe bowl, break 200g of 70% dark chocolate in the bowl. I love Whittaker’s, so I used the new dark chocolate blocks, devine!

In microwave safe jug, add in 160ml of fresh cream, heat up for a few minutes until steaming hot. Add the cream to the chocolate in the bowl, wait about 5 minutes, and slowly start folding it in using a metal spoon. If there are still some chocolate pieces, place back in the microwave for 30 seconds, fold through with the metal spoon till well mixed.

In a separate bowl, add in 300ml of fresh cream, using a hand mixer, whip up the cream till stiff peaks form.

Add in the chocolate mixture slowly while folding into the whipped cream till well incorporated.

Place on the base of the biscuit base, I used crunchies as my base, you can find the recipe also on my blog.

In a new bowl whip up 300ml of fresh cream, till stiff peaks form. Add in 400g of dulce de leche, fold in until well incorporated.

Place on top of the chocolate mousse layer. Place in the fridge for 3 – 4 hours till set. Serve and enjoy!

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