Hello August

Like most of us feel, that Covid19 has taken over all the news, our lives and the thought that things will never be like it was before Covid19 hit.

All the uncertainty, all the worry, most people losing their jobs, their well being, their livelihoods, their houses and mental health skyrocketing.

During these unprecedented times, we must realise what’s most important, what makes us happy, and being happy and healthy, realising that our health is the most important thing.

Being a wife and mom of two, I have realised that my health is of utmost importance. If I don’t take care of myself first, I can’t be the best wife and mom.

August brings in new opportunities, lots of blogging and plans and recipes up my sleeve, filled with new ideas and ideas that haven’t been done yet.

My heart goes out to everyone who lost their jobs and livelihoods. I pray that you will find a new job and build up your livelihood.

I know it’s not easy, it’s super hard, frustrating, but please just hang in there a little while longer.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

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