Italian Chocolate Truffle

We ate the italian chocolate truffle dessert from our local grocery store, I decided to make a homemade version, and it tastes better than the store bought one.

It’s the most decadent chocolate dessert for any chocoholic. It will soon become a family favourite in any household.

I apologise in advance for the long recipe, long method that goes along with it, but it will be worth all the reading. The extra sauce that is leftover you can even serve with the dessert or add on to ice cream, cupcakes and cake.

I feel honoured today, to bring you this recipe. I’m a chocoholic, and I am just a homecook and baker, with big dreams. To inspire others and leave a trail filled with positivity and motivations and hope for tomorrow.

” Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. The best is yet to come.”

For the base:
In a mixing bowl, follow the instructions on the cake box, use the chocolate cake mix and place only halve of it in a prepared rectangular glass dish. The rest of the cake mix you can make cupcakes with or an extra cake. Spread out the cake mixture till it’s the whole bottom full of the glass dish. Bake in the oven as instructed, let it cool down on a wire rack.

For the chocolate liquor sauce:
In a microwave safe jug add in
450ml full cream milk and
1 Tbs of butter
Place in the microwave and let it heat up for 5 – 10 minutes until warm and the butter have been melted.
While whisking add in
4 Tbs Cornflour and
2 Tbs Caster Sugar
80ml Cocoa Powder
Place back in the microwave for a few seconds, whisk until the mixture forms a sauce like consistency.
Add in 120ml Bailys Irish Cream, the sauce will become runny and that’s oky, it won’t split.
Using a knife, poke holes on the chocolate cake base, pour the sauce over, just a 1/4 of the sauce, so that it forms a layer on top of the chocolate cake base, set aside to cool down.

For the Top Chocolate Mousse Layer:
100g 70% Dark Chocolate
3 Eggs, room temperature and egg yolks seperated from egg whites
250ml Fresh Cream
60ml Castor Sugar

Break the chocolate block into smaller pieces. Place in a microwave safe bowl. Melt the chocolate for 1 minute and 30 seconds, mix with a spoon at every 30 second interval till melted. Set aside to completely cool down.

In a seperate bowl whip up the egg whites using an electric hand mixer till stiff peaks form, when you tilt the bowl upside down the egg whites should not fall on your head. Set aside.

Mix the egg yolks with an electric hand mixer, in another bowl. After the chocolate have cooled down, fold in the egg yolks one by one into the chocolate till well incorporated, using a spatula.

Fold in the whipped egg whites till well incorporated into the chocolate and egg mixture, using a spatula.

In a seperate bowl whip up the fresh cream, using an electric hand mixer. While mixing, add in the castor sugar. Mix until stiff peaks form. Slowly add the whipped cream to the chocolate mixture using a spatula and don’t over fold, till well incorporated.

The mousse should be light and airy. Place in the fridge to set for 3 to 4 hours. The mousse should be prepared first, so that it can set in the fridge and after the sauce and cake base layer have cooled down, you can spread your chocolate mousse on top.

After the chocolate mousse have been spread on top, sprinkle some cocoa powder on top. Place in the fridge for 3 – 4 hours till set.

Cut a slice and enjoy as a delicious chocolate lovers dessert!

The leftover cake mix, I made some muffins.

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