Kindness Goes Along Way

I though long about this, and I think the title is appropriate for the story I am about to tell you.

It started as just taking crunchies to our neighbours, what started out as sharing treats, became so much more.

In return our neighbours gave us koeksisters and they were absolutely amazing. I soon began to get to know Jamie and Connor and Jamie’s dad.

You won’t believe but they are all foodies, love making food, love making new things and turns out Jamie’s dad owned his own restaurant in South-Africa.

The more I get to know Jamie, the more I realise that we are so similiar, got so much in common, and are also unique in our own way. We are like minded and we could have been sisters!

This lockdown wasn’t all bad, something good came out of it too, someone which I am now grateful for, well their whole family.

You see often life throws us in an unknown destination, it’s up to us to decide what we gone do and how we gone react to it.

If I didn’t take the first step in reaching out, just by welcoming them to the neighbourhood, I would’ve never known what was behind the door.

Me and my husband are grateful for friends like Jamie and Connor, and a plus point that me and Jamie are so similiar.

Somedays you just need someone to talk to and to just listen. Life is already so complicated as it is. What began as strangers, now forged into a growing friendship and sisterhood.

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