Dear Mom

If there is one thing I now know, is that being parents is the best job in the world and also the most scariest. To realise how big responsibility it is to raise two humans and keeping them alive.

All that I have learned from you, is to always look for the good in people, to give rather to take, to be honest and have integrity.

If I could be the mother you were in raising me and my sister, I will be a proud mother.

We did not always see eye to eye, as I grew older I got a mind of my own, and make my own choices, I am also very stubborn and strong willed, and seems like my daughters are also strong willed.

I am thankful that we can now put all our differences aside, to walk side by side and let our mother daughter relationship grow into what it was also meant to be.

I wish we were closer, my heart aches that you can’t get to know your other 2 granddaughters like I want you to, but that you get regular updates.

You have taught me to be the glue in our family, to support my husband and to always have faith, always pray.

Today I just want to say thank you, thank you for everything, for everything you taught me, I will forever be grateful for all what you have taught me.

In this Covid19 I realised just how I miss you and wish time can just stand still for one more moment. That time can just stand still for once.

Thank you mom, words aren’t enough, you have done a great job! You and dad raised us well.

Love You ❤️

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