Hamilton Zoo

We visited Hamilton Zoo a few weeks ago, the enclosures of the animals are big, there are lots of areas to walk and there are monkeys, tigers, parrots, rhinos, giraffes and lots more animals to see.

Some spider monkeys.
More monkeys.
The tiger.
Another tiger.
A parrot.
Beautiful giraffe.
Close up of a giraffe.
A giraffe walking.
Walking between the enclosures.
The rhino looking at me, and my perfect close up of the rhino.
The rhino walking.
My husband and toddler looking at the rhino.
Our toddler enjoying the ice cream.
Enjoying the zoo.
Me and my husband at the zoo.

We had lunch at the zoo, after our walk, looking at all the animals. The zoo is lovely and we will definitely go there again. After lockdown, it was lovely to see how busy the zoo was and to see all the families, and the kiddies having a blast.

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