To be a Stay at Home Mom is a Double Blessing

To juggle the schedules of three people is no easy task. It takes lots of strength that you didn’t know you had. To be a homemaker comes with it’s challenges. There are never a dull moment.

In between the toddler meltdowns, the seperation anxiety from your baby and then love and attention for your husband too, it can feel like you don’t get time for yourself.

To be a stay at home mom is no easy job, when days get long and extra tough, you must be strong for your family. To keep your family together you have such a greater purpose than you can even comprehend to understand.

Us moms don’t have everything figured out, we have our mother instinct and do what is best for our children, husband and family.

Every mom does the best she can for her family. In the 20th century it is even harder to be a mom a parent. This technology puts so much pressure on us. Not even talking about social media and the bad, good and the ugly.

I am grateful to be a stay at home mom, for now. Running our food blog and raising two children with the support of my super, amazing husband.

Like any marriage we have our ups and downs. It’s not sunshine and roses but we have each other, we stand together, stay together and make every choice together regarding our children and our parenting.

I realised that not everything have to be planned out, all my children want is just to have a happy mom who is there for them and present.

Our toddler started kindy and I was more emotional than our toddler, she was so excited and happy and really enjoyed it.

To be a stay at home mom is a blessing a double blessing in times like these. I am constantly reminded of how grateful I am to be with my children for as long as I can, along supporting my husband while he works and study. Taking care of the house and children so that after his long day he don’t have to worry about too much just relax.

In every hard moment, trial and tribulation no matter how hard it will make you stronger. When you don’t get given a choice, your only choice is to be strong.

Immigration made us stronger, more wiser and more prepared for anything and to realise that we can accomplish anything we put our mind to.

In uncertain times like these, I count my blessings twice. I want to inspire others. To be a stay at home is the hardest job in the world, but most rewarding and my greatest blessing in today’s times.

Stay safe, be blessed and never give up on your dreams, hopes and what you want to achieve in life.

Signing off now.

Sweet dreams from New Zealand 🙂

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