Coconut Cream Chocolate Mousse

A different alternative to the foodies who are not so fond of cream. It is delicious and tasty and I like it too.

From our kitchen to yours, happy baking!

100g 70% Dark Chocolate
3 Eggs Seperated ( must be room temperature)
400ml Coconut Cream
60ml Caster Sugar

In a microwave safe bowl add in 100g 70% dark chocolate. Mix in between 30 seconds intervals till melted, in the microwave.

Let the melted chocolate cooldown till room temperature. Add in the 3 egg yolks. Mix well till well incorporated.

In another mixing bowl add in the 3 egg whites. Mix with a hand mixer till stiff peaks form. Fold into the chocolate mixture, set aside.

In another bowl add in the coconut cream, add in the caster sugar and mix with a hand mixer for a few minutes, till well incorporated.

Fold the coconut cream into the chocolate mixture slowly, till well incorporated.

Place in glass ramekins for 3 to 4 hours to set in the fridge.

Serve and enjoy!

Coconut Cream Chocolate Mousse

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