Don’t Forget The Men

They are the breadwinners in most households, the pillars and anchor in the family unit. They are the providers and teachers. In this fast pace world of today, we sometimes forget them too.

Mental illness among men in our society is climbing, the covid19 crisis have just highlight it more. Mental illness in society shouldn’t be frowned upon. It should be supported, embraced and talked about more for change to happen.

Don’t forget the men, they play a vital role in society. Without them we will be lost. Men need support.

When you focus on the things that your man has not done or helped with, shift your focus on the things he did help and support you with.

Men don’t always say how they feel and it’s our job as the women to reach out and talk to them more often and also check up on them.

I will leave you with these quotes: “Behind every successful man is a strong women.”

“A man with dreams needs a women with vision.”

“A strong women will be a part of his struggle, survive it, succeed together, and build an empire.”

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