The Suprise That No One Saw Coming

My heart are so full of joy right now! I managed to pull a suprise off for my sisters birthday, and one of her best friends helping me with the planning it to getting everything ready for her.

I am so grateful for technology, for services also now available in Rustenburg, click and collect at Woolworths.

Maryke was a great help, it took about 3 weeks of planning to getting everything for my sister from us.

My sister needed some cheese knives and a board so I decided to put a whole hamper together,with some wine added and all her favourite things that I know she loves.

Maryke one of my sisters best friends thag helped me pull of this suprise for my sister.
The Cheese Hamper with Wine and everything my sister loves.
My sister with the hamper.
The video showing how suprised my sister was!

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