Krismis in Kerikeri

It’s so lovely that my husband is off with us and the kids for the holiday season. We get to do the things we love and explore the places we want to, where we don’t always get time to do it.

We have great friends who lives up North is Kerikeri. Just before Christmas we decided to head up to them.

We were on the road just before 8am and arrived at around 1pm. The road is crazy busy, crazy drivers as well as traffic police on the road and road works.

Together with our friends, theg decided to make a platter. It was delicious, I couldn’t stopped eating so good the food was, yum!

I will also share my friends winning caramel sauce recipe. It’s the best and I honestly can’t stop eating it.

Luckily we are staying a few nights and not just for one day, which means we get to spend some quality time with them.

The fruit platter with caramel sauce.
The Cheese Platter.
Deviled Eggs with Asparagus.
Sausages and Chicken Drumsticks.
All 4 Platters.
Our Friends in Kerikeri.
Reading Together.
Purple Flower.
Christmas Tree.
Horses outside the Gate.

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