Matauri Bay

After our visit to the Makana Confections, we visited Matauri Bay. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches we have visited. The water is clear blue, it’s so clean and the view from the top is spectacular.

We had so much fun, we were looking forward to dinner, all the playing and running in the ocean and sun, made us relaxed and super hungry.

All these photos was shoot using my Huawei Nova 5T! It takes amazing, beautiful photos, and I also take and shoot all my food and blog photos using my Huawei Nova 5T.

The view from the top.
A selfie with me and my husband.
The Beautiful Beach.
My husband and our toddler.
My Friend Shar-nica.
Me Jumping in the Air on the Beach.
Me and my Friend.
My Friend and her Husband.
My Husband and Jaco his friend.
Dihan on the Beach.
My friend and our toddler.

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