Caramel Mint Log by Shar-nica

This is a really simple and easy dessert. My friend have made this for about a decade now. It’s her favourite Christmas dessert to make.

She learn to make it from her mom and step mom. I took the photos and she shared her recipe with me. It’s really delicious and it will taste even yummier with a dollop of your favourite ice cream.

1 Packet of Vanilla Biscuits
1 Can of Caramel
2 Chocolate mint bars or any peppermint chocolate grated or finely chopped (enough to roll in the “log”)

Spread each biscuit with caramel and stick them together. About 2 mm thick.
Then spread the whole “log” so that it is completely covered in caramel. Roll the log into the peppermint chocolate so that it is completely covered with chocolate mint. Wrap with tinfoil and place in the fridge to set for 1 – 2 hours.
Remove the tinfoil and cut in skew direction.
Serve with some cream, ice cream or chocolate mint sauce.

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