Last Farewell to 2020

As I typed this blog post, I can’t help but feel a little bit nostalgic and emotional at the same time. This year no one knew a pandemic of this magnitude would reach all around the world, killing so many and just keep on infecting and people getting sick.

It has turned all our worlds upside down, leaving many without their livelihoods. Many families going hungry and homeless.

We all realised our important essential workers are. If we have a roof over our head, food in our cupboards, money in the bank, a good, stable job and our health and family, we have so much to be grateful for.

This year was tough, the lockdowns were hard and to not be able to have social gatherings was even harder.

We also realise that we can live with so much less, that being kind goes along way and giving to people that have less, makes our heart swell.

Time is the most expensive commodity we have. We can choose how to use it and to make it count.

To every reader, follower and foodies alike. Thank you for walking this yourney with us. Thank you for reading my blog and making our recipes.

I am taking a 2 week break from my blog, I will see you all in 2021 in the middle of January with some brand new, delicious and easy recipes, and some more travelling adventures to share.

Be safe, lookout for one another, never stop believing cause dreams do come true.

Spend time with the people that feeds your soul and let you grow. Remeber we are only borrowed and nothing in life is guaranteed.

Happy New Year and Be safe!


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