It’s the little things that count

Today, me and my toddler did some baking. I realised it’s all the little things that add up. I showed her how we add all the ingredients and how we bake and decorate the cupcakes. She enjoyed it so much.

Stay at home mom and working moms, and all parents alike. If you don’t find time or have time to spend time with your kids. The best way, is what’s in front of you, and you can include your kids in your daily tasks.

Today I included my toddler into my baking again, and she loved it. Slowly we are teaching her how to cook and bake, cause she just loves being involved. It peaks her interests and she gets really excited and enthusiastic too.

Kids remember moments like these, all they want is to be included in everything, whether big or small. They just want your love and attention and time.

We had loads of fun. Me and my toddler was covered in chocolate icing. We baked some rasberry cupcakes with chocolate icing on top.

My toddler is already requesting that we bake some gingerbread biscuits again. It’s her favourite!

It’s the little things that count most.

Alexandra Adornetto

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