Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Buttercream Icing & Sprinkles on top

I made this dark chocolate cupcakes. I added 300g 70% dark chocolate melted and added to the cake batter.

For the icing I just added 250g cream cheese that is cold, to 400g already prepared buttercream and combined it with an electric hand mixer.

After the dark chocolate cupcakes have cooled down, I added the buttercream and added some sprinkles.

Just follow the instructions as is on the packet for the cake mix. I added some more milk too about 80ml.

In future I will definitely seperate the eggs and use the egg whites to fold them in last, it makes the batter more fluffy and airy and not heavy.

My cupcakes is a little heavy, I suggest that you fold in the egg whites too, if you want.

Delicious yum. From our kitchen to yours, happy baking!

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