Chocolate Mousse & Caramel Mint Trifle

I made this dessert a few weeks ago and it came out delicious. It’s a quick and easy dessert that doesn’t take up much time. The peppermint liquor makes it extra yummy.

Ingredients for the Biscuit Layer:
1 Packet of Vanilla Biscuits Crushed

Ingredients for the Chocolate Mousse Layer:
92% 200g Dark Chocolate melted
4 Large Eggs at Room Temperature & Seperated
1 Cup of Fresh Cream
60ml Caster Sugar

Ingredients for the Caramel Mint Layer:
1 Tin Caramel
1 Cup of Fresh Cream
60ml Caster Sugar
25ml Crème de menthe peppermint

After the melted chocolate have cooled down add the 3 egg yolks, fold it into the melted chocolate.

In a seperate bowl mix the egg whites till stiff peaks form. Fold it into the chocolate.

In a new bowl add 1 cup of cream, whip till stiff peaks form and add in 60ml caster sugar.

Fold the cream into the chocolate mixture and set aside.

In a new bowl add in 1 tin of caramel and mix with 1 cup of cream. Add in 60ml caster sugar and the crème de mente peppermint liquor, till well mixed. Set aside.

In a big, round glass bowl add in the crush biscuits, followed by a layer of chocolate mousse and then biscuits again and then caramel mint. Repeat till all layers are complete.

Place the bowl in the fridge to set for an hour or two.

Serve and enjoy!

Sidenote: I used the Whittaker’s dark chocolate.

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