Homemade Dulce de Leche – Crock Pot & Pressure Cook Friendly

I had so much fun experimenting with my crock pot. Putting it to the test and figuring which time is the right time, for the results of dark, creamy and rich dulce de leche. Many people had asked me what dulce de leche is. It is a confection from Latin America made by slowly heating sweetened milk.

The non-enzymatic browning takes place in order to get the colour and flavour of dulce de leche.

I decided to start my experiment by placing the can of condensed milk upright in the crock pot, on the wire rack. I pour water in the crock pot till maximum water level and can is completely covered.

I then closed the crock pot lid and place the steam valve on sealed(closed). I place the setting to pressure cook setting and the timer on 15 minutes and pressure at high.

After 15 minutes I released the steam valve and waited for the pressure and steam to be released. I waited for the water to completely cool down before removing the dulce de leche can.

The following photos showed the results of the condensed milk can after 15 minutes in the crock pot:

Condensed milk can after 15 minutes in the crock pot.

The next day I placed the condensed milk can in the crock pot for 40 minutes. Here is the photos to show the results of dulce de leche after 40 minutes in the crock pot:

I decided to give it one last try, 60 minutes had to be the perfect time to get the dulce de leche at the perfect colour and flavour and texture.

After 60 minutes in the crock pot here is the results:

Perfect dulce de leche after 60 minutes in the crock pot. Extra caramel taste and rich in flavour and taste.

If you want to try it, it’s really simple. Just as the directions I described, 60 minutes in the crock pot or pressure cooker. Can upright on wire rack. It should not touch the bottom or sides of the crock pot. Dulce de leche can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3 weeks. Enjoyed over toast, used in baking and spread between layers on a cake. 1 Can of Condensed milk (395g) makes approximately 250ml (1 cup) of dulce de leche.

My how to do it yourself Video:

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