4 Ingredients Condensed Milk Scones

These scones are yummy and delicious. They are really easy to make and goes well with some butter, cream and jam with cheese. All you need is these 4 ingredients:

4 Cups Flour

3 Cups Yogurt of your Choosing, can be Greek, flavored or fruity.

20ml Baking Powder

2 Cans of Condensed Milk

Add all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Mix well till all the ingredients is well incorporated. If the dough is a little too sticky or runny, just add more flour.

On a floured service, roll out the scone dough. Using a cookie cutter, press shapes out of the scone dough. Place onto prepared baking pans and place in the oven on 180 degrees celius for 10 – 20 minutes till golden.

Place on a wired rack till cooled down completely, serve and enjoy!

Recipe adapted and tweaked from Foodies of SA, 2 Ingredient recipe that uses only self raising flour and yogurt.

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