Why are you trying to fit in, when you were born to stand out

I know I haven’t been active lately, it’s been hectic, being a mom is not easy, but anyway I just want to empower anyone and everyone who feel discouraged or not good enough.

We get told by society in order to be accepted and to feel worthy, we must conform to what society thinks we should act and be like in a certain way.

After watching Embrace on Netflix tonight, I felt so empowered. We as women and men and everyone should stand together and support one another.

By supporting each other we are empowering one another. Why do we want to fit in, when we were born to stand out. This is my favourite quote of all time. I never conform to society, I always chose to swim up stream and by that way I can empower those around me.

No matter the fame or fortune, people, everyone wants the same thing in life. To be loved, to be heard, to feel supported and to just be without any judgement.

It’s hard when everyone is so critical. The world is hard and dark enough and got enough negativity and enough seriousness.

Let’s stand out in our own unique way, embracing our uniqueness cause that is what makes us unique. Let’s embrace all our flaws and positive points.

Let’s take hands and begin today by standing out and owning it. The self confidence will follow and when we own it, it’s like an electric spark having a chain reaction.

Be unique

Be you

Stand out


Own it

You got this!

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