Auckland Zoo

We visited Auckland Zoo recently and it was packed with families and kids running around full of excitement. We had so much fun and did lots of walking. We saw lots of animals and the enclosures was big too, I will say that Auckland Zoo is much better than Hamilton Zoo, for the fact that it is bigger and there are animals in all the enclosures. In Auckland Zoo there is a KidsZone as well. There are eateries at every enclosure, so if you get tired from all the walking, there are lots of sitting areas as well. The price for kids under 3 is free. Per adult it is $24 each. Children from 4 to 14 years it’s $13. Seniors(65 years and over) is $19. Students are $19.

We started our walk through the zoo, at the Africa Safari Track. We saw giraffes, ostraches, zebras, meerkats, leaopard tortoise, lovebirds, porcupines, the lion that was sleeping as well as nyalas, rhinocaros and the waterbuck, lastly we came across some flamingos.

Our second enclosure we went to see the Asian Elephants.

The Asian Elephants

Our 3rd enclosure we went through the New Zealand enclosure, where New Zealand is known for it’s birds and penguins and seals.

The 3rd enclosure the New Zealand part.

Our 4th enclosure we went through was the South East Asia Jungle Track with all the orangutans, slamang and the red panda, otter and the ring tailed lemur.

Here are some more photos of our walk through the zoo:

The Map of Auckland Zoo:

We didn’t manage to get through South America Rain Forest Track and the Australia Bush Track, it was 2pm by the time we finished and had some lunch at one of the eateries. I will definitly encourage you to go and take your family for a family trip and day out, to explore the Auckland Zoo. It’s such a lovely zoo, big enclosures and lots of animals to see.

Auckland Zoo Website:

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