You Flew Away Today

You flew away today,
The skies grew grey,
Clouds poured tears on the ground,
The Earth grew still not a sound,
Rainbows ended and the sun failed to shine,
Even the stars did not align.
You flew away today,
I choose the words to be delayed,
Can it all just be a lie,
You did not even say goodbye,
My world has stopped turning,
My whole body is hurting.
You flew away today,
I really hoped you would choose to stay,
You were not done in any way,
You still had so many parts to portray,
The curtains are closing on this play,
We watch as you walk away.
You flew away today,
It was time to make your way,
The time with us was too short,
But I guess God had other thoughts,
You have left the pain,
And happiness I hope you gain.
You flew away today,
You have left us all in dismay,
The impact you made on all our lives,
Shines most brightly in your children’s eyes,
Your voice, your laughter remains in memory,
For late night tears they are the best remedy.
You flew away today,
You are no longer on display,
In heaven we will meet,
When my time is complete,
You will always be my friend,
Even right to the very end.

Written by Derryn Rudolph

Derryn’s Blog:

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