Bubblegum Milkshake

Bubblegum milkshake I have missed drinking since arriving in New Zealand.

When I came across this bubblegum syrup I was so happy to have found it. I don’t know if all the South African shops in New Zealand stock them.

This bubblegum milkshake syrup is sold at Ossewa in Pukekohe for $7.80.

To make the bubblegum milkshake you will need:

3 – 4 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream

30ml – 60ml Fresh Milk

40ml Bubblegum Syrup


Add all the ingredients in a blender or nutri bullet.

Place into a glass and spray some fresh cream over the top.

Sprinkle some sprinkles on top of the cream.

Serve and enjoy!

If you want a thicker milkshake, just add less milk and more ice cream. You can add the bubblegum syrup to your own preference.

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