Growing Up

Growing up is a funny thing. How would we have guessed that the last time we will play outside, being care free and to have no worries in the world. The last time we will attend school and be surrounded by laughter, silliness and to do homework each day and study for exams and tests consistently.

When growing up was nothing more than living rent free and everything given to you including clothes, the food you eat and warm baths and playing and running outside without any worry.

If growing up taught me one thing is that it formed me and taught me lessons of the good the bad and the ugly. To be kind to people always no matter what they did to you. To work hard and strive to be the best version of yourself.

I had great parents growing up, we moved from Warmbaths to Rustenburg when I was in Grade 1. Me and my sister didn’t want to move, it was really hard for us but we understand and made a new home in Rustenburg. Growing up, Rustenburg was a lovely place to bring up kids but as I got older and more wiser I realise I want a better life for my kids, where they can also be carefree and living without worry.

As I finished school I went through many obstacles but nothing held me back from reaching my dreams and accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish.

Growing up and out is still bittersweet. There is not a day that goes by where I wish I can just give lots of hugs and drink coffee with our family and friends in Rustenburg and in South-Africa.

If growing up was easy, no one will be where they are meant to be. I just never stopped fighting, I never gave up. Growing up was gone in a flash. Growing up was fun and sad sometimes with ups and downs but my parents supported me through all of it. I am so grateful for my mom and extra parents my in-law’s.

Growing up is never easy but the thought I want to leave with you today, is that every choice you make was already planned out and you are exactly where you are meant to be. Your destiny was written in the stars from the moment that you were born.

Written by Me.

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