The Immigration Journey

Every immigration journey starts different and also somewhat the same, in the sense that we all start with a suitcase, a new job in a new country and some cash in the bank and a dream to start fresh, all from scratch.

The hard part is, leaving all the things you grew up with and loved, to give that all up in a way to start in a country where you have never been before.

The paperwork takes it’s toll getting that in order while still living your life. After the paperwork is in order it’s time to find a job (if you are lucky to get one online). Book the plane tickets, and then get rid of all the things you can before getting on a plane and starting your new life in a new country.

Immigration is nail biting, it’s not easy and it’s damn hard, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, it’s nerve racking and it’s damn scary.

The hardest part was selling everything, giving up our beloved dogs to live with my mom and not knowing when we will ever see them again.

Saying goodbye to our parents and grandparents our friends and family was tough. That day at the airport we were in lots of tears and heartache.

Immigration is somewhat like grieving in a way, you grieve all the things and people you used to be familiar with. It’s grieving for both parties, on the one side us that immigrated and on the other side everyone who is left behind in South-Africa.

We all have our good and bad days, it does get better but video calling is not the same. The things we was so used to, in a new country it’s about adapting and taking on a new culture and all it’s favourites.

Culture shock is a things, new lingo also. We came from an area where it is super dry and constantly hot. In Auckland it’s raining 8/10 times of the year and it’s summer for about 4 months in the year. It was really something to get used to, but we actually love the weather in Auckland.

The quality of life is much higher than where we come from. Things are more expensive and we love bikkies from Griffin’s.
We feel at home in this country, we have settled into our community and now call it home.

We love the family orientated life that New Zealand has to offer. Immigration and especially the Covid19 pandemic made us so much more humble and grateful and to be in New Zealand when a world pandemic was happening.

This is our story, every immigrants story is different and also the same, we just want a better life for ourselves and our families.

The passing away of loved one’s is the hardest part and not being able to say goodbye. We have shed the old, it’s time for the new. We embraced our new country and have only experienced kindness and the most generous people in New Zealand.

The kiwi way is a simple way of life, away from the hustling and bustling of the big countries. We are the team of 5 million and we all have a story to tell.

Written by Me.

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