The 90’s Kid

The era I grew up in is long gone but the memories are there, where tamagotchi was a thing and wearing pink eyeshadow was a thing.

Where movies was made of VHS tapes and you couldn’t stream movies or series but can get them in a video shop.

The 90’s was a simple era, where watching tv was not that in and playing outside was a thing. Where running around outside was the most fun ever especially barefoot.

If I can go back in time, I would where digital wasn’t a thing and talking and getting to know someone only by engaging with them.

As I grew up and older, the technology age came about. Where our lives is filled with everyone getting married and having kids. Where our kids are growing up in the technology age, that makes parenting even more challenging in itself.

The 90’s kids can all relate to the childhood snacks and food we all love to eat. The pretend make up kits and butterfly hairclips.

Where scating was super cool and rollerblades too. If only life was as simple as then. Our parents didn’t even have Google or Facebook and they managed to raise us in the best way they knew how.

This year, the 90’s kid is turning 30. How far we have come from where we were. All following our own path and on our own journeys. No one said being a 90’s kid was easy, but surrounded by technology makes me nervous.

In all the chaos we want our kids to grow up old school but techno savvy. Smart and also still be a child and have a normal childhood.

Now the 90’s kid is all grown up and learning in the school of life. With all it’s ups and downs and hardships, I am grateful to be that 90’s kid, cause it taught me how to be tough, how to be me.

Life as the 90’s kid was simple then, with no hassle in sight. Even though we are all grown up, I can’t help but feel nostalgic in times like these.

To all the 90’s kids who made our childhood worth living and memorable. To the 90’s who we will never forget, but always remember, you were good to us.

Written by Me.

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