Two is Better Than One

We set up 3 houses together, we traveled half way across the world to a small island with only 4.8 million people, we started a family and went on so many adventures together, we have gone through so many tough times and chewed on many packets of salt together and we always strive for a better tomorrow to be the best versions of ourselves we make each other better in every sense of the word. Everything that was meant to break us, only brought us closer, it’s quite simple you see when God brings 2 people together nothing can tear them apart cause they are destined to be together.
I would have never thought that my wildest dreams would come true, to becoming your gf to your wife to the mother of your children. It’s an honor in itself and I am very proud to have walked this journey with you.
No its not smooth sailing some days it gets hard and yes we work on each other’s nerves but I wouldnt trade it for anything, I am grateful and blessed to have you as my husband and father of our two beautiful daughters.
Life is great with you, you came into my life when I least expected and came and gave my life a whole new perspective.
There is no Vernon without Kristie and no Kristie without Vernon.
Two is better than one.

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