The Unthinkable

We always think the unthinkable will never happen to us. Since Covid19 started it has just been creating chaos wherever it spreads.

In South Africa the third strain of the Covid19 have reached new high numbers. Gauteng in South Africa is currently under lockdown, and the vaccine is slowly being rolled out.

While all that was happening, I got notified by one of our family members in South Africa, in our hometown that one of several of our family members, have Covid19.

So many thoughts are running through my mind. All we can do from our side is being positive and pray for healing and support them.

For everyone fighting Covid19, please stay safe and have faith that it will get better. It affects all of us in one way or another and it’s so scary.

Covid19 has reached on our family’s doorstep. To think when the pandemic started it was not so close to home. It was far away and in the outer circles of the population.

Now it’s on our doorstep, and it’s scary to know someone you love and care for, that you want to get better, and that this virus is so unpredictable.

Never think the unthinkable can’t happen to you, or those close to you. We live in unprecedented times.

Everyone stay safe and be kind.

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