Mount Ruapehu – Whakapapa

We were looking forward to visit this mountain, since we arrived in Taupo last year. Due to Covid19 we couldn’t visit it, this year we got the chance. Our kids enjoyed the snow so much too.

We went on the Gondola, the cable car and our oldest daughter was a little scared but enjoyed looking at the mountain while we were riding.

I must say I am very scared of hights especially that high, but it was so majesticly beautiful when we reached the top of the mountain.

We just soaked in the snow and being above the clouds. The staff and everyone was so friendly! The parking lot was packed and everyone being dressed up in their thick winter jackets, warm shoes, gloves, beenies and scarfs.

By the end of our visit we were paste. Driving most of the day, and not being on the right road. When we eventually got on the right road the kids were already tired. As soon as we got to the mountain we were so excited!

What a day. We spent 2 hours in the snow and on the mountain. The kids passed out on our way to the restuarant we decided to go to for dinner (more about that in my next blog post).

The Gondola

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