Turning 30

I just turned 30, it’s such a liberating age. My younger, 20 self, would be bothered by what people think and said about me. Now that I am 30, passed my early 20’s and early adulthood, I realise that what people think of me is less important and doing what is best for me is my number one priority.

I learn to cherish the ones I love. To be grateful for my inner circle of friends. To take nothing for granted. That Covid19 is deadly and strikes at any time even those closest to you.

Becoming a mom, is one of the greatest blessings, even with all the meltdowns, tantrums and stubbornness. Through the good and bad times, the ups and downs, the most important thing is to be there for your kids in every way, for everything and to know that they can trust you.

My husband is my greatest blessing, he is my rock and pulls me up even when it’s hard to get up. He loves me for me and makes me stronger.

My self growth was anything but easy, being bullied in school, name calling and even feeling like I hated school at some point. It all formed part of me, but it didn’t define me. I am stronger because of it, and it encourages me to go for my dreams even more. Nothing will hold me back anymore and I won’t allow anyone to take advantage of me anymore and to misuse my kindness.

I’m liberating. I’m still standing, I’m me and I’m gratefull and fearless. I thank the Lord each day for bringing me this far. My purpose is bigger than I can comprehend or understand.

I know that I am loved and cherished, that my baking influence you one way or another and my blog. May I grow to inspire each and everyone more as time goes by and hopefully bring out a cookbook!

Have a wonderful and blessed day. My husband spoiled me by taking me to Taupo! We had a blast and I realised that all I want for my birthday and how I want to celebrate it, is by building memories with my family and making the most of every day and every opportunity.

Never give up on your dreams, cause one day they might just come true. Xxx

From a believer, a dreamer and risk taker, you will never know if you don’t try.

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