Starting a Veggie Garden

Seeing and experiencing how plants grow in your own garden, is amazing.

We used to grow herbs back in South-Africa, and I took the next steps and started to grow and maintain our veggie garden.

Some veggies did not make it, others just bloomed from the beginning.

How I started was taking a whole vegetable and planting it into the ground and do the same with all the other veggies. Some veggies I planted the seeds.

I recently planted the garlic knob and it started growing so fast.

It’s very therapeutic to plant and work in the garden. I enjoy it soo much and I have so much fun doing it!

It’s one of my favourite hobbies, and our toddlers learn also how things grow, it’s fascinating to see their faces light up when something happens, and to get them excited about veggies and growing them in our own garden.

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