The Married Life

Married life is fun,
It’s exciting and amazing
As well
Overwhelming, hard work and endurance

It’s build on what you make it
And every decision that follows

It’s build on these

A marriege ge between two people
Cannot exist without the other

In the bad times you see the flaws
You see the person’s good side as well as how they are on their worst

Communication is key and harmony in the family setting is just as important

To be their for each other no matter what life brings
To give unconditionally and love without boundaries
Love is a choice

A choice to choose that person every day, to wake up to them and to know that they are your soulmate, your best friend and have your best interest at heart.

You can’t live without them and you don’t want to.
The biggest dream come true, is meeting them and know that God chose them for you, long before your paths would meet, and destiny would collide

I will give my life to my husband,
No matter what life throws our way
Together we are stronger
We are better together

Through all the challenges and ups and downs, we will have each others back

All love stories are
But I like
Ours Best

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