I’m a Plant Mom

Since me and my husband started dating years ago, we would get herbs and grow them, eventually getting seeds and grow them too.

My love for growing things really kicked off when I started our veggie garden here in New Zealand.

Not only did it spark my passion for growing even more, but to pass that knowledge on to our two kids.

The most interesting thing I can tell you is that I only started our veggie garden from not researching, but pure passion.

It’s one of the many gifts I have and I am more than happy to pass them on.

If you have a passion and scared to climb out of the unknown or out of the boat, don’t, don’t let anything hold you back, use it as a stepping stone and motivation to get you going.

I’m a plant mom. I love creating our house a home. Our garden a forest. Our food, magical and cakes, well that’s a whole new interesting and magical adventure.

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