Father’s Day Mint Chocolate Mousse Trifle with Caramel Cream & Chocolate Ganache

I made this trifle, using the cake I had left from preparing our daughter’s birthday cake(blog post to follow).

I just made a chocolate mousse using mint chocolate and normal can of caramel mixed with cream and made a chocolate ganache to go in between the layers. The cake layers is made from the mud cake recipe that is already on the blog, which I improved and will post of our daughter’s birthday cake after this one.

It turned out delicious. Here is all the photos and recipes with the relevant recipe links. Enjoy!

I always uses the classic chocolate mousse recipe that is my own and on my blog. This is photos from the mousse i made for the trifle. You can add more or less cream and caster sugar to your preference. I used 180g dark mint chocolate instead of normal dark chocolate.

For the cake layers I used leftover cake from our daughter’s birthday cake I baked and decorated. Recipe and blog post will follow after this one.

You can use any cake that you have leftover from using in baking.

For the Chocolate Ganache I used this recipe:

All the layering that have been done:

The END Result:

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