Canneloni Beef Lasagna – Made 2 Ways – with Ricotta Cheese & Cream Cheese

My husband gave me this wonderful idea to make beef lasagna like I normally would, but to just use canneloni pasta instead.

I filled every 1st canneloni with beef lasagna mixture and every second canneloni with ricotta cheese for the 1st evening and the 2nd evening I did exactly the same but just filled the 2nd canneloni with cream cheese.

Our beef lasagna recipe to make the beef lasagna:

For the white sauce here is the recipe:

What you will need:

250g Box Canneloni Pasta

500g of Ricotta cheese

250g Cream Cheese

For the white sauce you need at least 1.5L milk and 3 Tbs of butter mixed with 3 Tablespoons of cornflour and after the sauce have been thickened you need about 300g grated cheese added into the white sauce to give it that cheesy flavour.


I added some ricotta cheese in between the layers as well.

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