Motherhood is about Moments

Motherhood is about Moments
Rock them to sleep.
Let them flush the toilet 3 times.
Have brownies for breakfast.
Tuck them in for the 11th time.
Hug them until they let go.
Put down the phone and play baby dolls.
Let them wrestle you on the floor.
Bribe them with suckers.
Memorize their bouncing curls.
Let them lick the batter.
Whisper secrets in their ears.

Laugh at their silly jokes like it’s the first time you’ve heard it.

Let them wear mismatched clothes because it’s their favorite.

Hang up their 100th piece of artwork on the fridge (or front door).

Skip cleaning off their handprints on the windows.

Let them climb in bed with you when they’re scared.

Motherhood is about moments. And sometimes we have to learn to laugh a little more, stress a little less, and get out of our own way to enjoy the ride.

Author Unknown

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