Lifeline for a Lifetime

I think after this difficult year, of heartache and loss, we can all use some encouragement and read something that will resonate with all of us. I wrote this piece to sum up everything I went through this year and everyone of us experienced. It’s worth a read and I will appreciate any feedback.

The year is almost ready to say goodbye
As we close our eyes
To fall back asleep
For a new day to rise

With Christmas spirit in the air
Gifts and wraps everywhere
It’s hard not to have a tear or two
Because this year was rough too

Seperation from our families near and far
Made the world oh so dark
With a text or zoom call away
We can share moments any day

A hug makes everything better
And a kind word to share
Life is moving so fast
That we forget about the past

We only got the now
So make it count
Don’t let moments and opportunities
Go to waste
Otherwise it will be too late

When we seek we will find
A lifeline
To help our kind

When we hear His voice
We know He is near
Always carrying us dear

Don’t be afraid for the journey ahead
Cause He will be leading you instead

If you surrender everything to Him
He will come and restore
Everything and more

I know you struggle to hear His voice
Don’t worry cause He gives you a choice
To come in
And knock on His door
When you are ready to hit the floor

If you got no wings to fly
He will carry you into the sky

Don’t worry my dear
This is not the last goodbye
I will see you in the new year

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