My Name is Fibromyalgia

My name is Fibromyalgia and I live within. I wanted to introduce myself so it is here that I begin I know you’ve seen the doctor hoping to be cured. Well that’s not going to happen despite what he assured.

He took long enough to find me as I lay in wait I will upset and frustrate him, but it is you he will come to hate.

I pretend to be so many other things to get him all confused. But each time his test will find nothing; as your body I abused.

Medically I am a problem that none of them can solve. But while they are still looking I will eat at your resolve. I take from you your energy and in return give you fatigue. No one can see it happen; so they will not notice or believe.

I will make your daily life a struggle; and I will take away sleep.

In return I will give you pain so bad, often you will weep.

You will be tired all of the day but unable to sleep at night.

I will give you lots of things, and all of it just for spite.

I am a hundred different faces and each one will take its toll. And I am running rampant in your body, you will have no control Despite living properly a diet; and some exercise as well. None of it matters to me; I am here to give you hell.

There is no amount of medicine any one of you can possibly take.

That will mask all of the pain I give; that is your first mistake. As for all of the other things go ahead and try to sort them out. You will only end up compromising; of this I have no doubt.

Now that I have told you of the things that I intend to do. And I have introduced myself from deep inside of you. Even though you know me it will not do you any good. Because to the medical profession I will remain misunderstood.

©Terry Haslett

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