All Purpose, Multiple Uses, Easy Gravy Recipe that anyone can make

Back in the olden days, we did not get these fancy already mixed and prepared gravy like we did today. I like being old school and sticking to the original way of making things. Now my husband is the best at meat roasting and gravy’s.

He taught me how to make this and it’s actually soo easy that anyone can do it.

This gravy has multiple uses, have a purpose for any dish and is so multi functional you can add from grated cheese to cream and even chillies if you’d like.

All you need is some leftover juices and sauces(stock liquid) from any roasted chicken, beef, pork or lamb.

Drain the excess sauces, about 500ml is enough.

In a pan on the stove add a chopped onion in some oil. Add some salt and pepper and fry till golden. Add in the sauces, your stock and fry on medium heat until bubbly.

Add in 30ml of butter and about a 1/4 cup of cream. Stir while your gravy is cooking. Add in 30ml cornflour mixed with 30ml of water and while whisking add in the cornflour until it thickens to gravy consistency.

Add some more seasoning and place into a jug. Serve over meat, rice and everything in between. It’s just yum!


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