Why I love what I do

I’m a mom of 2 beautiful girls. What drives me is my family as well as my blogging that took of in December of 2018.

I don’t make any income from it, my website is simply to share what I love to do when I am able and I have a big passion for baking since I was in high school.

I always bake for family and birthdays. When I have my bad days I remember all the gifts I was blessed with.

It’s no easy task but I try my best. I love the decorating part once I start I can’t stop and the expressions of our kids for their birthday cakes is priceless.

I am not trained professionally, I am not a chef. This is pure passion and learning as I go along. I have been diagnosed with Firbromialgia and CFS recently. It’s still hard to accept because I am so young.

I have some neurological problems too, but we will hopefully have some answers about that this year.

I enjoy sharing my bakes and dishes with our neighbours and others.

Yesterday I started baking the first 4 layers for one of our daughters birthday cake, I had such a good day and then overdid it and now can barely stand on my left leg and foot but I will survive and just take it slowly.

Have a blessed weekend and cherish all of it.

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