No matter what your colour, race or from which nation you come from,

You will always be an earthling

You came to this earth, through bone
By dust you will return

The trees you see, the fish that swim, the oceans that flow
The sun that shine is all part of My creation

We all are citizens of a certain country, it doesn’t meant that we are bount by it

Earthlings we are as we all belong to the earth

The days may be long but the time is getting shorter and faster

Turn your eyes upon Me

I am the truth and the light

You must live by faith and not by sight

If you all you can see is the darkness

Lift your eyes up and look into the bright sky, I am the truth and the Light

Your an earthling and always have been

Go earthling into the world

Go live your own authentic self and carry Me with you

Help those that are in need and always be kind, friendliness too is the thing that we need

For good people like you are far and few in between

Dear earthling go and share your knowledge and educate the nation

The world may change at an alarming rate, what we once knew as normal, quickly shifted, hold on to Me and you will never be lost

Hold onto Me
For it’s you that I seek

Look for Me when fear comes your way
Look for Me when all is lost,
& you will always be found

Earthling remember what I said

You belong to the earth and your light, through Me will set them free

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