White Condensmilk Buttercream

If you tried to make swiss meringue buttercream and it doesn’t work or somehow curdles and you follow all the steps to safe it and it still doesn’t get fixed, then this buttercream you can use in place of of the swiss meringue buttercream.

It’s decadent, creamy and set really well on top of the cake. It is great as fillings too. I saw this recipe on Facebook by Cupcake Savvy and wanted to try it. It saved my cake. Yeah 😀

The original recipe calls for 500g butter and 1 can of condensed milk.

I used 250g of shortening and 250g of unsalted butter. Creamed together then added the cold can of condensed milk that have been in the fridge.

Mix these 3 ingredients together, until well incorporated. Spread with a spatula over and fold it in to remove any excess air bubbles.

To make the buttercream white I used white colouring and titanium dioxide.

I mixed a few tablespoons of titamium dioxide with a fee tablespoons of hot water and let it dissolve. About 2 – 3 tablespoons. I then added a few tablespoons of white colouring as well, until I was happy with the results.

I also added 2 tablespoons of boiling water. I also added cake and cookies emulsion flavouring instead of using vanilla essence.

Here is my results:

My video of how to make the white condensed milk buttercream:

How my decorating went:

The link to the video of Cupcake Savvy:


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