Let the sun shine on everyone

If you have never…

Stood in a store, and had to take stuff out of your basket because you did not have enough money.

For two, three, four months in a row could not pay your bills.

You have to look into your children’s eyes every night and put the same type of food in front of them.

You barely have enough petrol in your car to drive to work by the end of the month.

Did not even have $2 in your wallet to be able to give your child for tuck shop.

Do not have enough money to pay your children’s school fees.

When you do not have enough power that you know will not last until the end of the month.

When you do not have a penny to buy your children a gift or give something for their birthday.

When you can not afford to buy your children something warm for the winter.
Even if it’s just a tracksuit shorts or a long-sleeved shirt.

If you’ve never been through any of these things before.

Then you do NOT have the right to say to someone “Everything will be okay …” or “Do not worry man, tomorrow it will be better!”

You do not have the right to say that, why don’t you move into a smaller place …. Mmmm … Because it costs money, labor etc ….

Why not sell your car and get something smaller ….

Why don’t you do this …. Why do you not do that …. Why Why Why …

No one knows another’s circumstances, But if you got up this morning, and you can walk into a store and take something off the shelf without thinking twice.

To be able to give your children the best party, or put $10 / $12 in their hand for tuck money.

You do not have to worry about your child getting cold or starving.

Then you can say thank you!

But never in your life try to give advice to anyone again if you do not know how it feels !!

There are hundreds of families who are suffering emotionally, who are suffering financially due to a situation that set them back as a family.

What every possible situation and scenario has ever thought through.

They do not always talk about their problems to find solutions.

Sometimes we just have to listen to that Voice, even if they do not seem to need it.

You see … some just show what the world wants to see, sometimes the world does not want to know the truth.

Sometimes you just have to keep them in your prayers that things will work out for them and get on your knees that your family does not need to go to bed hungry, full of worry or cold tonight.

Appreciate what you have.

Let the sun shine on everyone.

Author Unknown.

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