Home Made Caramels

I made some home made caramels by accident πŸ€ͺ What I mean by that was that I made caramel sauce it’s so easy and quick, it carmalised and almost split when I added the milk, I added glucose syrup and condensed milk and simmered it for 20 to 30 minutes and then placed it in the fridge. It’s yum non sticking to your teeth and the almond essence makes it veryyyy tasty! I’m so impressed with myself I have never made caramels before so first time and nailed it

In a non stick pan/pot on the stove top add in:
250ml Butter and
250ml Soft Brown Sugar
Whisk continuously until the brown sugar have dissolved. It will take 5 – 10 minutes until it have been dissolved.

Add in:
250ml Condensmilk slowly till well incorporated and bring to a boil. It should bubble up, turn to low heat and whisk in slowly 125ml milk/evaporated milk/cream/non dairy cream of your choice till well incorporated.

Turn the stove to medium heat and add in tablespoons full of glucose syrup, the total amount to add is:
200ml Glucose Syrup

Let it bubble and boil till the caramel is golden in colour and the thermometer is at 115 degree celsius. To test it the old school way, is to take a little bit of caramel and place it between your thumb and index finger and to rub it. If the sugar is dissolved you will not feel the sugar crystals between your fingers. Be careful as it is boiling hot.

Put the stove on low heat again and add in 2.5ml of salt and mix well.

Take of the heat and add in 20ml almond essence, whisk until well incorporated.

In a prepared dish sprayed with non stick spray, cover the bottom and sides with cling wrap and press it down.

Slowly pour in your caramel and leave it at room temperature to cool down completely, before placing it in the fridge to cool down completely. Leave it to set overnight.

Remove the dish from the fridge, spread butter all over your hands and slowly lift the caramel out of the dish.

Place onto a cutting board cut up into blocks. Use baking paper to wrap the blocks into treat sizes. Big squares. As soon as you cut up the caramels, it should not stick to your knife and it should not melt to liquid then you know it is right.

If you take one piece and roll it into a ball it should be soft that is also to make sure it’s perfect.

Place into an airtight container when done and serve as a midnight snack or sweet treat with a cuppa.


Sidenote: The beginning process after the milk have been added will look funny but don’t worry the glucose syrup works wonders. It’s non sticky, no caramel in your teeth and the almond essence gives it a deliciously, smooth taste. It melts in your mouth. Enjoy!

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