Friends are Angels in Disguise

Friends are Angels in Disguise

If you found that friend that you are blessed to meet, may you cherish them and hold them close to your heart.

Nothing is a coincidence I believe.

If you are lucky in your lifetime to meet them, have them and be part of their inner circle, count yourself twice blessed.

These angels are hard to find, super hard to keep and takes hard work.

They come into our lives when we least expect them too. They are send into our lives, by only a certain time and place when our roads are meant to meet and destinies collide.

If you find them keep them. Most of my inner circle is truly angels. They fulfill my life, keep me grounded and bring me joy. They love my kids just like their own.

What started out as a chat on FB Messenger became so much more. If you find friends that came disguise as angels, please keep them safe and cherish them.

✨ ✨ ✨

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