Shopping with Toddlers

When you get babies,
They grow up to become toddlers
There streaks and pushing boundries is becoming harder to manage as they get older and their will get stronger

All parents can relate and even mom’s who have no other choice but to take their kids with them when they go shopping 🛒

The meltdowns and tantrums, screaming, fighting and nagging starts at getting into the car, to just get buckled in.

The screaming quiet down and happy chuckles can get heard,

Now they are so excited, you run into the shop, don’t even have time to catch your breath, as the busy hands and legs are already sweeshing by all the aisles.

Grabbing,seeing and experiencing the big shop, their eyes going wide open and in aww of everything, like a kid in a candy store.

By the time the parents picked out 10 items and in less than 2 hours, the parents are flat out exhausted.

Talk about not only a shopping trip but an exercise too that the parents got.

Now we are ready to go home. The parents are flat out exhausted and have no energy left.

When we get home, we take it all in, fill everyone’s tummies with pies and chips. Next moment the whole family is passed out and everyone is napping.

We realise that all the intense things that toddlers do and how exhausting they are, they are also human, growing and learning everyday. Even if we get annoyed and frustrated they get too.

Cherish these chaos, these crazy times, cause they don’t last long, it may feel forever but it’s not it’s only temporary.

Written by Kristie Townsend

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