You’ve got a Friend in Me

You know when you meet someone, get to know them, spend time with them and start doing things with them. When you click and just understands each other. Like sisters from different misters.

We both came from South Africa, but we met in New Zealand. She is my friend, and someone I can also go to for advice and also having lots of fun with.

She loves our kids like her own, and is genuine and authentic with no pretenses. In lockdown our first one in March 2020, I got to know Jamie and her fiancΓ©, 2 years later and we are still friends.

She’s a great person with a big heart and a wonderful personality. I wish my family in South Africa could meet her. We are both planty people, like our homes and have the same temperament, we have a lot in common and she is a wonderful friend to share life with.

To many more to come. Not only did I find a friend in her but she’s got a friend in me too, and they are our neighbours too, which is extra special.

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